MCC gives £8,500 for new cricket square (2007)

SPADE WORK: Wellsway School cricket team are celebrating an MCC grant which will go towards a new cricket square.  Pictured at Keynsham CC are (from left): MCC captain John Courtney, Richard May, of Wellsway School, Simon White, deputy head of Wellsway, and Mark Branton, Wellsway cricket captain  PICTURE: Marie Huggins
MCC pitch in for new Wellsway square

WELLSWAY School's senior cricket team met an MCC XI at Keynsham this week for a match to celebrate a £8,500 MCC Foundation grant to lay a new cricket square.  Construction on the new square will begin this autumn and it should be ready for use from the end of next summer and in full use by 2009.

It will be used by students at Wellsway and teams from Keynsham Cricket Club with which Wellsway has had a close association for many years. Wellsway lost its main square following the construction of a new artificial pitch in 2005 and ever since it has been a priority to create a new square.

Head of boys' PE, David Green, said: "Cricket has always been strong at Wellsway despite the lack of a proper pitch in recent years. The new square will further enhance our potential achievement in cricket."

Headteacher Andrea Arlidge added: "I am delighted that the MCC have given us this award which recognises the strength of cricket at Wellsway and the strong links that we have with Keynsham Cricket Club. The new pitch will benefit not just our own students, but the local community as well."

Article and photograph courtesy of the Bath Chronicle
Saturday, July 14th, 2007

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